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Our neighbor, the beautiful nature reserve Melbecketal-Rübenkamp
A paradise for nature lovers and a highlight of the Sauerland-Rothaargebirge nature park is the Melbecketal-Rübenkamp protected area.
Since 2006 it has been directly adjacent to our vacation farm and offers our guests unique nature experiences in every season.

Idyllic retreat for protected species
On an area of less than one square kilometer, the Melbeck Valley is home to a multitude of unique habitats.
Along the course of the Melbecke stream, there are meadows that turn into a sea of flowers in summer and attract rare species of butterflies.
On the slopes you will come across ancient stands of beech trees, in whose shade native orchid species thrive.
Experience how the first rays of sunshine in spring conjure up a carpet of woodruff and other early bloomers on the floor of the light deciduous forest, or enjoy the fireworks of colors in autumn.
Explore the extraordinary vegetation of the juniper heath and the limestone grasslands on the nature discovery trail on the
Rübenkamp and be amazed at the hustle and bustle of birds and butterflies that have found a retreat here.

Vacations close to nature at the Verse vacation farm
The nature reserve extends between our vacation farm and the area of the Karl May Festival in Elspe.
Many guests are amazed that the protected area is directly adjacent to our accommodation.
Rightly so, because the Nature Conservation Act actually stipulates a distance of at least 300 meters to the next development.
In our case things are different, because our traditional farm has existed for more than 700 years, and our family has been cultivating the surrounding land for just as long.
The Melbeck Valley, on the other hand, was only placed under protection in 2000 and, together with the juniper landscape of the Rübenkamp, has formed a protected area of around 90 hectares since 2006. Since the areas worth protecting extend to our courtyard and our objection was rejected, the nature reserve now extends to our house wall and includes a large part of our meadows and forest areas.
We have now come to terms with it and it is now nice for us and our guests, because you cannot get any closer to the wonderful nature of the Sauerland.

No landscape without agriculture
Our family and our neighbors have given the beautiful Melbeck Valley its present-day appearance through centuries of nature-friendly cultivation of the land.
We are proud of that.
Our ancestors planted the beeches and oaks that are now under protection.
Our grandparents, parents and ourselves have avoided easy money.
Contrary to the trend that has permanently changed entire stretches of land in the Sauerland, we have preserved the deciduous forest instead of cutting it down and planting Christmas trees.
Our agriculture has shaped a natural landscape that today offers a home to many endangered animals and plants.
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