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Cycling vacations at the Verse vacation farm:
Bet you'll be a repeat offender?


Cycling vacations in the Sauerland are relaxation, enjoyment and fitness all at the same time.
The Verse vacation farm, with its comfortably furnished vacation apartments and vacation home, is a first-class address for unforgettable cycling vacations in the Sauerland.
The hosts are so familiar with the area that they have a number of insider tips for bike tours and leisure activities. On the farm itself, all signs point to comfort and relaxed cycling with children and adults.


Here we have:
! e-Bike charging station
! Bike storage room
! Repair stands and tools
! Drinking bottles
! Bike maps
! A separate refrigerator for drinks
! First aid kits
! A shared washer and dryer


Touring bike and e-bike vacations in the Sauerland
Whether you are taking a touring bike or e-bike vacation in the Sauerland, everything is done here to ensure that bike tours go as smoothly as possible. The cycle paths in the Lennestadt holiday region are equipped with a large number of information boards and there are also sufficient e-bike charging stations. Recreation and adventure are seldom so close together as on a cycling vacation in the Sauerland. Discover impressive routes such as the 84 km long and family-friendly Sauerland Cycle Ring, which introduces you to many sights. It is designed for touring cyclists and invites you to discover the Sauerland along old railway lines. This route has few gradients and is suitable for beginners.


Mountain bike vacation in the Melbeck Valley.
Nothing stands in the way of a successful mountain bike vacation with a vacation home or vacation apartment in North Rhine-Westphalia, because in the Sauerland in particular you will find many well-marked and varied routes.


a. Mountain bike tours near the Verse vacation farm
A wonderful mountain bike route leads around the Elspetal, for example.Another is called "Auf zur wilden Wiese". Perhaps you will drive around Lennestadt or take the Schwartmecke circuit? They are all varied and no more than a kilometer from the farm. In the Lennestadt-Kirchhundem region, too, there are still numerous routes waiting to satisfy your urge to explore.


b. Trail parks for real adventurers
Do you love trails with a thrill?
The region also has a lot to offer in this regard. During your cycling vacation in Sauerland, adrenaline junkies should visit the attractive bike parks in the area. These include, for example, the Attendorn mountain bike park, the Saalhausen bike course and the Bad Fredeburg bike course. At twelve varied stations, children can put their skills to the test on the bike. In addition to seesaws and moguls, there is also a jump ramp in Bad Fredeburg.


c. Bike parks for experienced mountain bikers
The big bike parks in the Sauerland appeal to experienced mountain bikers and adrenaline junkies.
The most beautiful bike parks are about an hour's drive from the Verse vacation farm. The Winterberg Bike Park and the Warsteiner Bike Park are particularly worth mentioning here. The Winterberger Bike Park is rightly called Germany's most versatile bike park. Whether freeride or downhill, the eleven professional routes offer more than enough variety for daring bikers.


d. Road bike vacation: Now it's time to get going!
The Melbeck Valley is ideal for a racing bike vacation in the Sauerland with a vacation home. Right at the Verse vacation farm you will find wonderful racing bike tours such as the long route “Kirchhundemer Allerlei”, with the southern Sauerland at your feet. You start directly from our accommodation, pass Bigge and Listertalsperer as well as lovely valleys. Demanding inclines alternate with flat sections. In addition to "Auf zur Lenne" and the Oenetal tour, there are a number of racing bike routes in the area. The choice is yours.

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