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Living and working with nature
We love our landscape and that is why sustainable business practices are very important to us.
We have therefore adapted sustainable business practices in our enterprise.

Heating with local wood

We have a large wood chip heating system at our enterprise and it is used to heat all buildings and produce hot water.
There is a pellet stove in the holiday home, which provides cozy warmth.

Green electricity, obviously

We only purchase electricity from energy producers who offer 100% green electricity.
In order to save energy, we almost only use LED lights and are mindful of using energy-saving electrical devices.

Waste prevention & separation

We take great care that as little waste as possible is generated
and it is separated. This is how we preserve the environment and promote recycling.

Protecting and supporting nature

Our holiday farm is located directly by the nature reserve – Rübenkamp-Melbecketal, where nature is preserved and protected.
Almost 100% of our land is in the nature reserve. We also try to contribute by sowing wildflowers every year and putting up nesting aids for bees, wasps, etc.
This is how we promote preservation of bees, since they are very important for nature.

Fully biological sewage treatment plant on the holiday farm.

Since the small town of Melbecke is not connected to the sewer network, our holiday farm has three fully biological sewage treatment plants. Waste water is treated here in an environment-friendly manner.
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